My Work


My Work

Here you will find most of my projects, bands, current and past. Either as a composer, sideman, leader, session musician, performer or arranger.

Music is the most important thing in my life. This is why I make sure I always give my best for all my projects. I just love it when something is well done, well executed. As long as something sounds good then I will like it. Could be any kind of styles, latin, jazz, rock, metal, etc. I have no preferences. I guess you will notice this by checking my work. Take a look

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Tim Dawn

An indie pop band based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

You may have heard our first single “She”, which got the attention of many and gave us a lot of amazing opportunities. We are proud to say that we had the pleasure of playing in venues like Sugarfactory, EKKO and Supermarkt, and festivals like Parkpop, Horizontoer and THISSFest, where we won the Song of the Year Award.

We finally released our first 5-song EP on 9 March 2016, recorded and       mixed by renowned producer/mix engineer Huub Reijnders. We are very excited about this EP, which is full of radio-friendly indie pop songs in the vein of e.g. James Bay


Band members:                                                     

Thijs Vroegop - Lead singer, guitar

Sharad Joshi - Guitar, backing vocals

Marijn Wigman - Electric bass

Christian Palmieri - Drums, backing vocals

The Jaeger Experiment

Jazz/latin/african/arabic (anything can happen) Experiment trio led by Kim Jaeger. Started out as a simple trio from the HKU conservatory trying out compositions written by Kim. But as we played and others listened it became clear that we were on to something cool.

Band members:

Kim Jaeger - Piano

Marre de Graaff - Electric bass

Christian Palmieri - Drums

Three Cool Cats

Jazz trio based in Utrecht led by the talented pianist Erik Brouwer. Inspired in one of the best jazz trios of all times, Ahmad Jamal's trio. Three Cool Cats is one very promising project I have. After gigging so much we developed a very strong musical communication while playing.

We are currently working on ways to promote this band, hopefully recordings and videos will come very soon! I will keep you post it.

We have been playing for about 2 years at Cafe deRat in Utrecht. The gigs are every first Monday of every month starting at 21:00 hrs. Free entrance. Come check us out.

Band members:

Erik Brouwer - Piano

Thijs van Gemert - Double bass

Christian Palmieri - Drums

Manuel Wouthuysen Trio

Jazz trio specialized in background music performances. We usually play business meetings, restaurants, parties, etc.

We had the privilege to play at the inauguration of the beautiful Performing Arts Training Center, Akoesticum. Here we played for our guest of honor the Dutch King Willem Alexander.

This video is our very first gig ever. It was live for the prestigious Radio NPO4. Check it out.

Band members:

Manuel Wouthuysen - Piano

Thijs van Gemert - Double bass

Christian Palmieri - Drums

Wanna know more about Manuel and his awesome projects? He also plays classical music!


Arabic, jazz and african quartet led by Nadia Marak.. Most of the songs we play are composed by Nadia.

If there is a band that really challenges me as a musician and drummer, it's this one! Almost all songs.. well, I think all the songs we play are in odd meters.. we don't have a single bar of regular 4/4.. Crazy right? I love a good challenge!

Check us playing one of my compositions called "The Greek" song dedicated to Katerina Papakostaki, the Greek.

Band members:

Nadia Marak - Flute

Kim Jaeger - Piano

Rémy Dielemans - Electric bass, double bass

Christian Palmieri - Drums, percussion

Nayema LIVE. Playing one of my compositions called "The Greek" Song dedicated to Katerina Papakostaki, the Greek.

Check Nadia's soundcloud for her compositions/recordings.


Dionisius is an awesome Jazz Quartet from Utrecht,

We play fresh, energetic, fun and original music.


Band members:

Roel Hazendonk -  Piano

Thijs van Gemert - Double bass

Dennis te Woerd - Saxophones

Christian Palmieri - Drums.

Story of your life

My first Dutch band!

Back in 2008 when I just arrived to The Netherlands and I still had a tanned skin.

Metal was a big part of my childhood and teenager years. I always wanted to have a band where we will play loud  angry music, so we did.  It was so much fun to play with this guys!

Unfortunately this project stopped because we were never able to find a good singer... Maybe we were too picky...

Band members:

Dave de la Reza - Guitar

Paolo Erriu - Electric bass

Oliver - Guitar

Christian Palmieri - Drums


In the year of 2013, Changa was founded in the heart of the Dutch city Utrecht. Five musicians/friends committed to contribute  in Nepali music and promote it in Europe.

Changa is also a mixed bag of various genres from Folk to Pop, Rock to Jazz.

Their second album is at sight Changa. One can hear lyrics addressing Love, social issues, fantasy.

I have recently joined this band, however I have had the opportunity to record one of their songs in 2013. This song ended up to be the band's hit reaching the top of the chart in the radios of Nepal.

Band members:

Binod Shrestha (jr.) - Lead vocals

Sharad Joshi - Guitar

Rana Lama - Electric bass

Ram Budhathoki - Backing vocals

Binod Shrestha (sr.) - Guitar

Christian Palmieri - Drums, percussion

Emonk & the Jungle

This was a jazz quartet led by Emiel. The band was full of energy and frienship.

Emonk & the Jungle started long ago when Emiel's parents turned 60 years old and we played for their party celebration. We found out that we had something good going on and decided to make a quartet and get some gigs.

We played a lot in different cities and bars. We also had a steady gig for about 2 years at Cafe COX in Amsterdam.

It was so much fun to play with this crazy jazz cats!

Band members:

Emiel Bothenius Lohman - Piano

Luca Simonelli - Trompet

Pablo Muruzabal Lamberti - Double bass

Christian Palmieri - Drums


Awesta is an Afghan singer/song writer and friend of mine.

He puts all his emotions and feelings into his music.

A cocktail mix of Arabic sounds, Persian poetry, hip-hop and pop give Awesta his originality.

Band members:

Awesta - Vocals

Rémy Dielemans - Electric bass

Myrthe van de Weetering - Violin

Lars Visser - Keys

Michiel Bel - Guitar

Christian Palmieri - Drums

For more over Awesta check this link:


Milan and I met during jazz lessons in DJAM conservatory in Amsterdam. Both jazz lovers but also into pop and rock.

After playing together at school we decided to form a pop band. In no time we had a full band with many compositions.


Milan Nivard - Vocals, guitar

Paolo Erriu - Electric bass, backing vocals

Dave de la Reza - Guitar

Christian Palmieri - Drums, backing vocals


A Paraguayan pop/rock/metal band that started all! This band was my first and gave me so many nice moments and achievements. From reaching the top of the radio charts in Paraguay with our single Nderakore to playing for 10.000 people in Ciudad del Este opening for the legendary Argentinian metal band Rata Blanca.

This was a truly awesome band!  I hope someday we could play again.

German Solis - Vocals

Miguel Aquino - Guitar

Gerardo Gomez - Electric bass

Adam Marecos - Guitar

Ariel Mendieta - Keys

Christian Palmieri - Drums


Call me: + 31 6 15 00 2117

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