Rhythm is life

From Paraguay to The Netherlands

I was born (1986) and raised in Paraguay. Since very little I showed interest in music. I started by playing guitar with friends at the age of 7 to 11. But my life changed completely when I was 12. My guitarist friend Miguel Aquino took me to his house and showed me his brother's drum set. When he sat down on the drums to play and produced such loud noise I got so scared I didn't even dare entering the room. As soon as I got home I asked my mother to please send me to a drum teacher.

Soon I surpassed my teacher and he sent me to the National Music Conservatory in Asuncion with teachers Riolo Alvarenga and Toti Morel. After two years of study I decided to quit and went to a private drum institute called Academia de Bateria Nene Barreto with teacher Bernardo Martines for about 5 years.

My friend Miguel and I decided to form a band and we started TAVAT.

After years of playing, recording, touring I noticed that music was what I truly wanted to do. So I decided to study music abroad. I am very lucky that my mother is Dutch and therefore I posses the Dutch nationality as well. This helped me to come to The Netherlands in 2008 when I was 21 years old. I left my country, my friends and family to follow my dreams of becoming a musician.

Here I wanted to study in a music conservatory. I prepared myself for a couple of years studying in private schools like DJAM, Muziekcollege and Robbert's Music School. I started taking lessons with Marco Zondervand and Joost Lijbaard until when I got accepted to follow the Jazz & Pop Bachelor studies in the prestigious conservatory of music HKU of Utrecht. Here I was trained by great teachers, Joost Kesselar and Andre Groen. I have graduated from this school with a grade 9 out of 10. Soon I will be starting the Masters studies at the same school.

I have played in many bands and places. I toured Paraguay, The Netherlands and Germany. I have played for 1 to 10.000 people. I have recorded many songs and albums. I have played punk, metal, salsa, jazz, etc. I have followed my dreams and worked really hard to get where I am now. I'm grateful and proud but I still have many things to achieve.



Drummer, teacher, session musician, performer, arranger, composer and percussion lover. I will drum in this life and in my next one too. Music is the fuel that runs my engine.