From a heart beat to the creation of the universe. Everything that surround us has a rhythm.

Why do we feel the urge to dance when we hear the beat of the drums?

That is the power rhythm has over us.


Amsterdam, 14th May 2016



Tim Dawn LIVE @ Melkweg


Yes! the time has come!

I have been going to Melkweg for years now. Always as an spectator of course.. but this time.. oh yeah! I will be where I believe I am supposed to be.. with my buddies from Tim Dawn rocking the venue on stage!


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Utrecht, 6th May 2016



Nayema LIVE @ Tivoli


Awesome! I will be performing on Tivoli again. On Friday night you have to come to Utrecht and check Nadia's Nayema.. Crazy compositions, Arabic and Jazz sounds and lots of odd meters!


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Fail - Tim Dawn

"Fail" is the first single taken from the Tim Dawn "Up" EP, which was released on 9 March 2016.

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Ritual - The Jaeger Experiment

Song recipe:

2 cups of fresh jazz chords

1/2 teaspoon sweet melodies

1/4 cup african rhythms


Directions: Place all the ingredients in blender or food processor, Cover; blend on high speed until smooth.


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Basna Chahanchu - Changa

Reaching the top in the radios of Nepal!

The perfect song for a romantic picnic in the park under the sun.

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Rolling in Rhythm drums solo


An adaptation of the famous snare drum solo Rolling in Rhythm (Wilcoxon).

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